Reviews on “The Curse of Damini” By Media & Eminent Personalities 

“The Curse of Damini” was released in Delhi on 29th December 2015 by Nirbhaya’s parents on the 3rd death anniversary of their daughter and many senior civil servants, entrepreneurs, ministers, NGO activists, educated & eminent people had gathered to witness the event. It was also released in Bhubaneswar in presence of Padmashri & Gyanapitha awardee Dr Pratibha Ray. Since its inception the novel has been widely appreciated equally by readers as well as critics across the world.Portland Book Review, USA & BookGeeks have rated this novel 3.5* out of 5*

MJ Barber-Isaac

Portland Book Review, USA & BookGeeks / Portland Book Review, USA & BookGeeks

Beginning in 1945, The Curse of Damini could easily be believed to be the biography of an inspiring woman living, nay thriving, through personal tragedy, social upheaval, and deadly religious conflict. – Portland Book Review, USA


Kirkus Reviews, USA

/ Kirkus Reviews, USA

Mohanty’s debut novel tells the life story of a female born in India during the British occupation, following her to modern times while chronicling her struggles against male-dominated Indian culture…. The author knows Indian customs and traditions and writes with authority about both. – Kirkus Reviews, USA


BookGeeks Review rated 3.5*

/ BookGeeks

I liked the period fiction element which forms such an integral part of the book. Blending the past with the present by extending the novel over multiple decades was indeed a clever move as elements of a bygone era always multiplies the charms of any book by many folds. The author has in-depth knowledge of the rural Bengali culture and she has written about it with definite authority. Her writing style is interesting and impressive which makes her an author to watch out for and I will keenly look forward to reading her next work. All in all the book was a great read and I thus rate it a three and a half out of five stars while recommending it to all my readers.


Metro India

/ Metro India

There are many things to look for in the book… Almost all characters are very well developed and well placed. The suspense and mystery created in the start runs well up to mid book…The book starts with a bang – Metro India


Padmashri & Gyanapitha awardee Dr Pratibha Ray

/ Dr Pratibha Ray

I bless Debajani on her maiden venture. This young lady today has opened eyes of many. She has the compassion as well as the fire of a worthy writer. Through her work she has dreamed of a better and safer world for all females. Through her work she has challenged Almighty God himself and his creation – Padmashri & Gyanapitha awardee Dr Pratibha Ray


Arvind Thakur

CEO & Joint Managing Director of NIIT Technologies Ltd / NIIT Technologies Ltd

Proud of your debut effort Debajani! Hope many more enjoy your book and gain from its essence. Wishing you great success. – Arvind Thakur, CEO & Joint Managing Director of NIIT Technologies Ltd


Megha Jain - Sunflare Arthouse Review rated 5*

/ Sunflare Arthouse

The Curse of Damini is a fabulous book. I am left speechless to describe how well this book has been written. This is one of the best books I’ve read in 2015. – 5* by Sun Flare Art House


The Good Book Corner Review rated 3*

/ the good book corner

The effort put into research is commendable and the conceptualization of the story is interesting – The Good Book Corner

Rakhi Jayashankar Review rated 4.5*

/ Rakhi Jayashankar

For those who say Indians can write only romance, I ask them to buy and read this book. A vast research can be seen in the book.. I had goosebumps while reading the penultimate chapter. What more should I say? If you like history, romance, rebellion or mystery, you will love this book – 4.5* by writer & book blogger Rakhi Jayashankar