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The Curse of Damini (ISBN 978-1482851076, 978-1482851083) written by debutante author Debajani Mohanty, is a historical fiction set in the backdrop of pre-independence and early independent India. It’s also a coming of age novel that follows the journey of strong female protagonists Renuka and her childhood friend Mandira from rash teen-agers to two leading entrepreneurs of 21st century India.

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old in vivid and at times painful detail, the story compels the reader to the inevitable with analysis, history, asides, and a firm sense of place. Debajani brings to life people and a time now gilded in memory, but once real, normal, messy, moral, and unmistakably familiar.

The story in its manuscript form had been read by some 100 independent and educated Indian women across the world, critiqued by a leading literary society in England and edited by a top editorial agency in India. As per the authoress, she had collected thoughts of many such women and sent a summary to PM Modi’s PMO site for eradication of rape and then the famous “Souchalay” program which was one of the suggestions, was initiated in India.

Since its release “The Curse of Damini” has secured position in the bestsellers list in Amazon India many times in the Thriller category.

Name of the Book: The Curse Of Damini

Author: Debajani Mohanty

Publisher: Patridge India

Book Details:

Title: The Curse of Damini

Edition: Paperback

Language: English

ISBN 13 : 9781482851076

No. of Pages: 200

Publish Date: July 14th 2015

Price: Rs. 249


The Curse of Damini written by debutante author Debajani Mohanty


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