Newsfast TV Interview with Debajani Mohanty

The Forgotten Daminis are the unsung heroes of the yesteryears who had the audacity to continue to thrive despite all odds.

Debajani Mohanty Rastogi is the author of the book Curse of Damini. This maiden book is going to be released on 14 th of November in Bhubaneswar. Before the release of the book Sajjad Badshah , Editor NFTV has taken the exclusive interview of the author.


Q 1 . Sajjad : Tell us something about the journey from Debajani to author Debajani ?

Ans 1 . Debajani : Thoughts are immortal. Writing is Nirvana. Since my teens, I have always been a writer in a world of my own i.e. my diary. And through writing I have always managed to de-stress myself, and conserved my thoughts to read it at a later stage of life. After my education, many years of working life and family I have reached a stage of life where I may pay back what life has offered me. So I started with writing, to clean centuries of dust that plague the mankind. Women upliftment being the first in my agenda.

Q 2 . Sajjad : From where you got the inspiration to write a book on the Indian women and those crime took place against them ?

Ans 2 . Debajani : Being a working woman and travelling worldwide on my own, I have had the privilege to assess the plight of Indian women in comparison to women of the west. Even during my 4+ years stay in England I had come to know of the higher rate of forced marriages, domestic as well as “honour” based violences that’s still prevalent among the south asian communities, especially Indians. In past half century the world has advanced in science, technology, medicine; yet when it comes to outlook towards women, how far we have progressed? In my view, we need more and more women writers to come forward and contribute so that together we can build a safe and prosperous world for our little girls tomorrow.

Q 3 . Sajjad : Questions 3 . Is this book is dedicated to Damini, the Delhi rape case victim ?

Ans 3 . Debajani : Of course, and it’s also dedicated to all the Daminis of India who have gone through the horrendous episodes of abuse, widowhood and the trade. These forgotten ladies are the unsung heroes of the yesteryears who had the audacity to continue to thrive despite all odds.

Q 4 . Sajjad : In India the crimes against women are increasing drastically what you say how to tackle this national problem ?

Ans 4 . Debajani :I am not sure whether they have drastically increased or women have started gathering courage to report events and fight against the unjust and tyrants. The change has to come from within. Government can enforce strict laws to punish offenders, however that’s not enough. To stop molestation and female infanticide we have to embrace a solution that is multi-dimensional. Society, government as well as women themselves all have to work together.
Financial independence would save girls from dowry, infanticide.
Introduction of self-defence in schools would make them vigilant and well-prepared against potential attacks.
Strict laws, fast-track courts, forensic labs would discourage molesters
Introduction of moral values in education system would transform the thought process of men from their very childhood.
Employment programs for all would reduce crimes; empty mind after all is devil’s workshop.

Those are some of the points that I have discussed in my novel.

Q 5 . Sajjad : In India male society is still not accepting that women are equal to them, what’s you say to those people who thinks like this ?

Ans 5 . Debajani : Well I am not sure it’s the males or females, it’s our society as a whole. We have numerous social issues like female foeticide, dowry to name a few where women victimise women. Please note most of the brothels in the world are run by women. Movies and TV serials based on Sas-bahu dispute are one of the most talked ones in the industry. Most of the times it’s the women who are not fully aware of their own inner strength, and keep fasting during pregnancy to produce male babies. I think for social equality, both men and women have to come forward and work hand in hand.

Q 6 . Sajjad :Madam you are a professional Person , how do you manage time between the profession and Writing ?

Ans 6 . Debajani :The more a person works, the more efficient he becomes. This also reminds me of Einstein’s law of inertia. First of all I am a workaholic. Living in a joint family (i.e. with my in-laws) has helped me to concentrate on my work with peace of mind, it’s a nice way to share the burden of household. Life through it’s ups and downs, twists and turns, so far has given me it all; love and care, education, career, family support. Now it’s my time to repay. Like Arjun’s aim, now I see only my goal i.e. women upliftment and women empowerment in India.

Q 7 . Sajjad : . Any Upcoming projects in pipeline would you like to share with your readers ?

Ans 7 . Debajani :My next novel would be named “From deepest Canyon to Highest Mountain” which would be based on the real life of a woman of modern India and cover domestic violence & abuse and social treatment towards it.

Q 8 . Sajjad : Mam what is your message to the people of India?

Ans 8 . Debajani :My late paternal grandmother was named “Abala Mohanty”, the word Abala itself means weak. Today Indian parents are naming their daughters after goddess Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati. With programs like “Beti Bachao, Beto Padhao” and “Souchalay”, we Indians have already initiated the path of safety and progress for our daughters. With my efforts I would like to add one more bullet point to this agenda, i.e. Financial independence for all our girls. Financial independence itself would sort out 80% of the issues that our women are facing in day-to-day life. Think about it.

Q 9 . Sajjad : And at last few words for NFTV ( and The Sociocrat .

Ans 9 . Debajani :Thanks for all the good work that you are already doing. Thanks for contacting me when none other knew me in the industry. My suggestion would be to create a separate section in your website for book review and promote authors who write on social issues and moral values. As a successful journalist along with publicising the latest news to public you too have the moral responsibility towards the Indian citizens. Positive thoughts would bring a better and brighter future for all of us.