Debajani’s Quotes

  •  “Loving is a choice, provided the heart knows to obey commands”

  • “With wine, poetry, or with virtue one factor is common; happiness.”

  •  “Earnings of a female are optional. Let this thought die an abrupt death here and now itself. Let it not propagate to our next generation. It’s the very idea that has instigated many of my brightest childhood friends not opt for a career and also caused crores of deaths among Indian women in the form of female foeticide, infanticide, abandonment or dowry. Today even many educated parents do not wish a girl child as she is a burden to them. Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao would create significant value only if a woman earns. With education, let’s inspire our daughters to be bread-earners.


  •  “Depression is like a black hole, once sucked into every bit of positive thought is thrown away or forgotten. Go for shopping, have a heated fight with your boss, pamper yourself with a spa or write down the pain in your diary; do anything in the world but stay away from depression”

  •  “Even birds have better visibility of life than we humans. If the birdie is not willing to fly, the mother kicks the little one out from the nest so that she would be compelled to flutter her wings and gradually learn the skill.  How we educated human beings get their daughters married and send her to someone’s house with no financial independence?”

  •  Recently a lady well-known in literary world asked me, “I have heard you have authored a novel on eradication of rape. Do you think rapists even read such books?”

    “No they don’t” I said in response, “But the people who control them, certainly do”.