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Authoress of the best-seller as well as critically acclaimed historical fiction “The Curse of Damini”, Debajani Mohanty is an engineering graduate from VSSUT Burla, Odisha. Currently she is working as a senior I.T. professional with NIIT Technologies, Delhi and has a roaring career of nearly one and half decades in the industry. Her interests include music, popular cultures, world cuisines, gender and women education & empowerment. The nature of her work as well as passion for different cultures has made her travel half of the living world and opened her eyes to worldwide history and humanity.


Pic by Megha Jain

Pic by Megha Jain

From child marriage, widowhood to adultery, “The Curse of Damini” her debut novel covers seven decades of India’s past and portrays many age-old vices against women. She started writing 3 years back after the barbaric Nirbhaya episode of Delhi and her work is a small effort towards ending the violence and discrimination against women in society. The novel that is crafted as a thriller was released at India International Center, Delhi on 29th December 2015 which is the third death anniversary of Nirbhaya in presence of Nirbhaya’s parents as well as many eminent bureaucrats, industrialists and educated people of national capital and received wide coverage from Indian media. The book was also released in Bhubaneswar in November 2015 by Jnanpith Awardee Dr Pratibha Ray whom the authoress considers as her first Guru, and was blessed by Dr Ray to bring peace and prosperity to lives of countless downtrodden women of our society.


In contrast to general opinion “Women upliftment” as Debajani says “is about empowering women and not synonymous to husband-bashing. History is full of examples of powerful women like Razia Sultan, Jhansi Rani Laxmi Bai, Karuwaki who were dutiful daughters, wives as well as mothers”. Debajani who has worked as an activist in uplifting women since her England days claims that art can work as an excellent medium in transforming thoughts in people. Through her work Debajani wishes to bring self-defense to school going children and financial independence among women.

Debajani is married and lives in Delhi/NCR with her husband, in-laws and two daughters.

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